Our services

  • Our out-of-the-box web solution offerings

  •   Advanced User Entitlements 

  •   Dynamic Workflows 

  •   Dynamic Dashboards 

  •   Mobile Enablement from Day 1 

  •   Performance & Security over the Web 

  •   Fluid and Consistent User Interface 

  •   Interactive & Superior Reporting 

  •   Advanced Import & Export 

  •   E-Docs 

  •   White Labeling 

  •   Multi Language Support 

  •   Complete Audit Trail 

Web Solutions - Our out-of-the-box offerings

Our advanced state of the art web solution frameworks help us offer many advanced features almost in no time and benefit our clients immensely.

Verticals - Domains of Expertise

Here are some business domains that we have experience and expertise in. Our key areas of strength however particularly includes some more domains such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Tender and Auction Management, E-Survey and E-Learning ect.